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Coaching For Degree Courses

                                 After completing class 12 HSC boards, students have a plethora of options to choose from, depending on their interests and career aspirations. 

                  For those inclined towards arts, 

  •                   BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) is a popular choice, offering a range of specializations in media and communication. 

Students interested in a career in accounts and commerce can opt for 

  •                    BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) and simultaneously study professional courses like CA, CS, or CMA. 
  •                    BAF (Bachelor of Accounting and Finance) is another option for those interested in the accounts and finance field. 
  •                    BFM (Bachelor of Financial Markets) is ideal for students keen on entering and working in the financial markets. Finally,
  •                    BBI (Bachelor of Banking and Insurance) is an excellent choice for those aspiring to a career in the banking and insurance sector
  •                   BMS(Bachelor Of Business Management) is perfect for students that are interested in managerial position, entrepreneurship and content creation. 

              At Ashar Classes, we provide coaching for all these courses, helping our students make informed choices and achieve their academic and professional goals

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